Our Story

Kept for special occasions. Hidden in trinket boxes. Saved for the next generation.

We want to liberate jewels from their confinement.

Jewellery doesn’t have to be minimalist or understated to be worn every day. In fact, we are champions of the overstated – of choosing something to wear that excites, delights and make you feel the best version of you.

We believe jewellery can be a statement of style and strength.

Our jewellery is designed to enhance the charisma and confidence of the woman wearing it. It becomes her bold, proud, glamorous signature.

We create our everyday treasures with forever quality, using the very best materials for beauty and purpose. 18-karat gold plating, baroque and freshwater pearls, surgical grade titanium, all carefully and consciously selected in limited quantities and hand-assembled by expert artisans.

This integrity extends from sourcing and supply to testing, creativity and production. We want to operate sustainably and with total respect for people and the planet.

We do this because we want to create beautiful, meaningful things for women who love jewellery as much as we do.