Jewellery care

Your jewelry is precious and deserves to be cared for properly to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Here are some tips to help you maintain the beauty of your jewelry for years to come.

1. Store your jewelry in a safe place: When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight and damp areas. Jewelry boxes with soft lining or a tarnish-resistant storage baggy will protect it from scratches and prevent it from tarnishing.

2. Avoid exposure to chemicals: Chemicals found in perfumes, hairsprays, lotions, etc. can react with the metal of your jewelry, causing it to corrode and tarnish. Always put on your jewelry after applying any such products and avoid exposing it to chlorine and other harsh cleaning agents.

3. Clean your jewelry regularly: Regular cleaning will help maintain the shine of your jewelry. Use a soft cloth or a jewelry cleaning solution to remove dirt and debris that can accumulate over time. Avoid abrasive cleaners or brushes that can scratch the surface of your jewelry.

4. Take off your jewelry during certain activities: While you may want to show off your jewelry at all times, you should remove it when engaging in certain activities like swimming, gardening, exercising, or doing household chores. This will prevent damage and loss of your jewellery.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your jewelry looking its best and preserve its value. Remember to treat your jewelry with care and it will continue to sparkle and shine for years to come.